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Are you ready to achieve the body, health and confidence of your dreams…in a fun and empowering way?

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Rawlesque – Raw (as in raw food), lesque (as in burlesque).

Welcome to a revolutionary new approach to health, weight loss and body confidence.

Imagine releasing all your stubborn excess weight without going on a diet. Imagine shifting your relationship with food from negative and fear based to positive and based on trust. Imagine finally becoming proud of your body, feeling confident, sexy and happy with the person you see in the mirror. Imagine waking up each morning with tons of energy, excited to face the new day. Sound good?

I am delighted to tell you that this is all absolutely possible. Introducing the Rawlesque approach to health, weight loss and total body confidence.

The principles of the Rawlesque approach are rooted in science, human psychology, artistic expression, ancient wisdom and holistic healing techniques. In bringing research and methods together from all of these areas I have succeeded in creating a breakthrough in weight loss and personal transformation on a holistic (whole being) level.

The Rawlesque approach is not just concerned with getting you to lose weight; it encompasses all the different aspects needed to achieve happiness and confidence with how you look and who you are, and help you make a permanent lifestyle and mindset change. Along with raw plant based food and a variety of other tools and techniques, burlesque is used as a tool for weight loss and inner transformation – it’s tons of fun, and truly allows us to celebrate and honour our beautiful female form.

Gone are the days of fad diets and calorie counting, yo-yoing from one crazy extreme to the other. No more feeling deprived and helpless. Wave goodbye to your negative relationship with food, and with yourself. Say hello to a bright and exciting new lifestyle…full of fun, love, confidence and self-acceptance.


Natalie HeathMy name is Natalie Heath, and I’m your mentor for weight loss and body confidence creation. I’m a raw food alchemist and coach, burlesque artist, yogi, holistic healer, hypnotherapist and mother. I’ve been on my raw food journey for over 6 years now, and have experienced many transformational effects from this way of eating and living. I have released my excess weight…permanently; I have overcome fertility issues, addictions, increased my energy and zest for life, and made peace with the world and myself. I have come to love, honour and respect my body, and celebrate my unique beauty. I have reclaimed my feminine power and taken control of my life. And now I am joyfully living my soul purpose – helping you to achieve all this, too.

Imagine stepping into your future self. I’ll bet you are hoping you’ll see a woman who has conquered the battle with her weight, healed her relationship with food, is shining with confidence and self-love, and is living her life with boundless energy and passion doing the things that she loves.

The exciting thing is, your dream future self is waiting for you! She has led you to this point, and now she is here, extending a hand and inviting you to step forward into the next part of your journey…

To take that important next step simply enter your name and best email into the box above and get ready to discover how the Rawlesque approach can help you start the transformation into your dream future self…today!


Wishing you every success on your weight loss & body confidence journey.


Raw love and sparkles,





” I would highly recommend Natalie as a life coach, raw food expert, yoga teacher and empowerer ! “

I have spent all my adult life “dieting” trying to control my weight, and through Natalie’s program I have made significant life style changes, which have resulted in me feeling healthier and slimmer. Natalie has made it very easy to follow her program and has devised a shopping list, recipes and meal plans to enable me to follow a healthy eating plan with minimal time and effort. Natalie has also taken the time and trouble to get to know me, my lifestyle, my issues and to offer really good support and ideas to overcome some of the hurdles I encounter and encourage me through difficult times. As well as the changes to my diet Natalie has encouraged me to look at my exercise levels and mindfulness, but most importantly Natalie has encouraged me to be kinder to myself. After more than 50 years of not being so kind to myself I am happy to be learning all Natalie shares with me and I am pleased with my weight loss, my improved fitness and all round well being. The health benefits are many, sleeping better, better looking skin, better moods, improved stamina for physical and mental endurance, other benefits include receiving compliments, having more energy, feeling more confident and enjoying life more. I have found Natalie’s enthusiasm and knowledge infectious, her willingness to share her knowledge and desire to spread the word about looking after our bodies is inspiring. I would highly recommend Natalie as a life coach, raw food expert, yoga teacher and empowerer!!!

Katrina Caslake, Surrey UK

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A much needed escape… What a wonderful experience…delicious raw food, meditation, relaxation, and meeting amazing new friends. A much needed escape…Thank you for shining your light so beautifully in this world Natalie, I am so grateful.
Katherine Hallworth, Oxfordshire, UK